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At ielement our mission is to help you build a lean strategy which is agile and executable to ensure you can turn your vision in to reality, fast. Our products are built around three fundamentals which will ensure you always link your execution to strategy and back.


We start by looking at the why; the what; the for whom; the how; by when; and for how much, while you can keep your focus on executing.


A great product will fail if no one knows about it. We will create a communication plan to ensure you get noticed.


A great strategy means nothing if it does not get executed fast. We ensure that the strategy gets executed in line with the outlined plan.


As a strategy-to-execution accelerator, we work with your teams to find and execute simple high-impact solutions to ensure we drive your growth, fast, ensuring you can focus on what matters most...delivering true value to your customers.

Our process is based on outside-in thinking that helps you build a solid foundation from which to grow. That is why everything I do starts with listening




Your Roadmaps to Success: Two modular products to help you move from strategy-to-execution fast. All projects are monitored and iterated on in relation to available resources and performance.

| Business Strategy |


  • Problem Setting
  • Vision & Mission
  • Market, Comp & Target Analysis
  • Product Definition
  • Project Scoping
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| Marketing Strategy |


  • Market, Comp & Target Analysis
  • Key Comms Channels
  • Channel Activation Strategy
  • Minimum Reqs for Bought Media
  • Performance Optimisation
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In today´s world being "either-or" just doesn't cut it anymore. Now you need to find the balance between right and left, innovation and efficiency, creative and suit, strategy and execution to ensure you grow fast.



Check out our testimonials
Ignacio Lueña

Ignacio Lueña

Carat Business Unit Director

"Liezl was always “hands-on” and involved, ready to guide our client teams with pragmatic media advice on how best navigate the day-to-day deliverables/tasks and earn our clients trust.

Her smart working method, strong offline and in particular digital media experience and positive attitude continuously seeking opportunities, made of her an important pillar within our team."

Roger Sendra

Roger Sendra

yMedia/Vizeum Deputy Managing Director

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Liezl and she is unique. Her intensively honed focus on balancing brand strategy, business and activation is not something every strategist or consultant can always get right.

Consultants are usually an interesting crowd, but Liezl is special. She has the gift of seeing potential where others don’t see. She knows like few about project management always inspiring teams for meeting with the task. You want her in your team. Highly recommended."


If you are a small to medium Enterprise and you need help, some direction or just someone to bounce and idea off of, call us!
Click to Mail: liezl.roxin@ielement.co
Click to Call: +34 639 76 4679